Product Demos

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VERSABALL on The Tonight Show

VERSABALL makes an appearence on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to have a little fun.

Collaborative & Safe VERSABALL Gripper

VERSABALL is soft during contact with the target object, eliminating pinch points and ensuring safety for human collaboration.


VERSABALL picks a brick, light bulb, gear, and billiards ball in a demo prepared for the Universal Robots' IMTS 2014 booth thanks to the UR5 arm.

3.5" VERSABALL Pill Sorting

3.5" VERSABALL sorts varying pills into a weekly pill container.


Two VERSABALLs work in tandem to handle a crate.

Smartphone Handling

VERABALL picks up varying smartphone models.


VERSABALL packs a bicycle lightup addon kit.

Lightbulb Installation

VERSABALL shows its delicate touch by screwing in a lightbulb.

VERSABALL Beer Pong CES 2015 Demo

VERSABALL hits 6 straight cups in the CES 2015 beer pong demo on a UR5.

LEGO Building

VERSABALL stacks LEGO pieces into a column.

Handling Sharps

VERSABALL demonstrates its durability by picking up broken glass.