VERSABALL Advantages


The dynamically conforming flexibility of the VERSABALL gripper enables automotive components manufacturers to handle a wide variety of plastic molded parts in assembly fixture loading and unloading where product geometry changes, and repeatability and reliability are critical constraints.


The inherently soft touch of the VERSABALL between grips and on approach enables heavy equipment OEMs to automate the operation of ergonomic stations on the assembly line alongside human workers where worker safety, elimination of pinch points, and safety assessment compliance are vitally important.

Handle Complex Shapes

The highly conforming and adaptable grip interface of the VERSABALL enables injection molded plastic parts manufacturers to get a custom grip while clearing complicated parts from a mold, where minimal machine change-over time, and a secure grip on complex parts are critical performance factors.



The core principle behind VERSABALL is the jamming phase transition of granular materials. The green ball is filled with a sand like material. When air is pumped into the ball, the ball softens. The ball is then pushed against the target object. Pulling air out of the ball jams the sand like material together, causing the ball to harden. This transition from soft to hard creates the gripping forces.


Gripping Forces

Different object shapes have very different gripping dynamics and as a result very different grip strengths. Friction from pinching, entrapment or capture, and vacuum suction are all possible grip forces.


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